Retro Country HDB Flat by Three-D-Conceptwerke

“Alice in the Wonderland” is the design theme that Three-D-Conceptwerke has set for this 4-room HDB flat at Eunos Crescent.

It’s obvious that a lot of thoughts have been put into decorating and accessorizing  the flat. There’s danish-style TV console, whitewash shabby chic cupboard, colourful sofa and lots of vintage looking accessories, all to conjure a retro country style home that is whimsical at the same time.

Eunos 1

Eunos 2

All the picture frames are actually from Ikea. Just some spray paint – you get something more unique and personalised.

Eunos 3

Eunos 4

Partition walls were torn down to create an open-concept layout. To still provide privacy for the lady owner, a folding door was installed to separate the master bedroom from the living area when needed.

Eunos 5

Eunos 6

Eunos 7

In the dining room, a table cloth in hawaiian floral print is spotted, adding a sense of playfulness to the space.

Eunos 8

Eunos 9

The kitchen backsplash is dressed in a mood-uplifting lemony yellow tiles, tying in with all other yellow colour accessories seen throughout the flat.

What a happy home to come back to after every long day of work!

Images via Three-D-Conceptwerke


Hong Kong Apartment with Interesting Mosaic Pattern in the Bathroom

Like this idea of mosaic pattern in the bathroom very much.

It’s original, simple, playful and super interesting. The black and white tiles also stay true to the minimalistic aesthetic of the apartment.




With a bit of imagination, you can come out with limitless designs. Maybe consider a Pinky from Pac-man in your bathroom next time?


The rest of the house tour –

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{ Ikea Collectibles } Edland Bed

Price: $279 to $299 (varies by size)

Product Description:

  • Solid wood, a hardwearing natural material.
  • Head/footboard/ Bedside: Fiberboard, Acrylic paint
  • Leg/ Top rail: Solid birch, Acrylic paint

Do you still remember this bed? The popular 4-poster bed from Ikea.

Simple line, solid wood painted in white, affordable price tag. It is romantic and not overly girly, why would you not like it? It’s a perfect 4-poster bed even for us who do not have super high ceiling at home.

I’ve always wanted to get this bed, but by the time I got my own apartment 3 years ago, Ikea has decided to discontinue it.

Why, Ikea?

Edland 1 Edland 2

Edland 3

Edland 4

Edland 5

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Eclectic Taiwan Apartment by Fertility Design 豐聚室內設計

A project by Fertility Design.

This is a home of a professional chef trained in Le Cordon Blue. It is hard to pinpoint a particular style to describe the space, as there are influences of contemporary, vintage and French country flair seen in this Taichung apartment. The result is an eclectic and relaxing space for this family of five.

Eclectic apartment_1

The living room alone has many points of interest. A jewel blue wingback armchair, red faux brick wall throw in some retro feel to the space.

Eclectic apartment_2

One of the walls at the entrance hallway was painted blue, to visually connect to the living room. I like how the pale wood coffee tables of different shapes are nestled together with the blue vintage trunk.

Eclectic apartment_3

Eclectic apartment_4

Eclectic apartment_5

The walls of the bedroom beside the living area were torn down to create an open study area. Separating the two zones is a standalone TV unit-cum-bookshelves anchored by a large slab of cedar wood. The shelves facing the study area provide practical storage to the many cookbooks of the homeowner. What a pretty piece here!

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Interior Styling Projects by Make Room

Make Room is an interior design/home decor/furniture store in Singapore, founded by Barbara Fritschy, who is an ex-banker turned interior designer. What I’m excited about this firm is that they also  provide interior styling service for the normal homes.

Interior styling service is not something that is very common in Singapore, except for commercial space or the more luxurious homes.

In a typical renovation project, home owners would engage interior designers to design and build the interior “bones” of the house, e.g. bespoke carpentries, kitchen, re-tiling of toilet etc. After which, they usually do their own shopping for furniture and accessories, which is no issue at all for people with clear vision of their home design.

But for people who would like to take one step further to create their dream home but found in difficult to pull their ideas together; or for those who do not have a budget for a complete renovation but yet want to have stylish pretty home – interior styling service by the experts may really help.

When styling a space into your home, every pillow, pouf, base and art piece counts.

Following are some of the Singapore homes styled by Make Room that I really like. Each with a different style, but equally pretty  ~

♥ Relaxing Urban Home at Newton ♥






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