A Punggol Walk 5-room Flat by Fuse Concept

This is a 5 room HDB flat in Punggolwalk, designed by Fuse Concept.

White walls, wood floor, and enough breathing space for the beautiful furniture and art to stand out; it has a pared down aesthetic which I’m starting to appreciate more and more.

Punggol Walk_01

Punggol Walk_02

Punggol Walk_03

Punggol Walk_04

Punggol Walk_05

Punggol Walk_06

Punggol Walk_07

Images via Fuse Concept


Apartment with Unfinished Plaster Walls in Stockholm by Karin Matz



How could an apartment with peeling wallpapers and walls left unfinihsed looking so good?

This little 35 Stockholm apartment is the home of Karin Matz, a young Swedish architect.

Before Karin purchased the apartment in 2012, this space had been used for furniture storage for as long as 30 years. The last renovation was begun in the 1980’s by the previous owner, but did not see it finished. It was as if time has frozen since then. Wallpaper was half removed, kitchen faucet were sticking out, and there was no electricity what so ever when Karin purchased the apartment.

Read the full renovation story here, on how Karin has preserved the previous layers and stories of the space, and add the same time making it functional for her new story to take place.











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INT2 Architecture | All-in-one box for small space living in Moscow

The last project to share in this INT2 Architecture series, is a small room of 14 square metres in Moscow.

Despite the size, the designer has creatively designed a multifunctional “box” that holds a compact storage for wardrobe, deep drawers for storage, shelves for small items, bookshelves, and a place to sleep and rest (bed and sofa). Opposite the “box” is a sliding door that functions as a the screen for the projector, and when opened, reveal a full mirror that visually enlarge the tight space.

I could really imagine spending my day in this cozy nook that is not lacking in functions at all!

INT2_Moscow 01

INT2_Moscow 02

INT2_Moscow 03

INT2_Moscow 04

INT2_Moscow 05

INT2_Moscow 06

INT2_Moscow 07

INT2_Moscow 08

INT2_Moscow 09


Images via INT2 Architecture

INT2 Architecture | Bright and Cozy apartment in Saint Petersburg (Part 2/3)

This is another apartment in Saint Petersburg designed by INT2 Architecture.

Again, it’s a space loaded with Scandinavian charm with light wood flooring, exposed brick wall and furnished with nordic design furniture.

The main area of the apartment is one big open-layout that combines the functions of living room, dining area, kitchen and a small study.To maximise on the sense of spaciousness, there were no walls used to the delimitate the individual space.


The kitchen was so pretty that it looks like part of the living room =) To solve the storage issue, a wall to wall full height cabinet with integrated microwave and over provide ample storage space in a streamlined look.





The designer has cleverly included a “wooden box-like” structure to house the dining area, which added so much warmth to the space.


The living room is anchored by sofa in grey and accessorised with everything pastel. Orla Kiely classic stem wallpaper makes a good feature wall for the TV unit.



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INT2 Architecture| A Saint Petersburg Apartment High in Scandinavian Charm (Part 1/3)


INT2 is a Russian architecture and interior design firm that has perfected the art of Scandinavian interior décor. Their projects are very different from what I would’ve imagined of the styles of homes in Russia, and I just couldn’t stop sharing with you how beautiful they are =)

The first apartment is a 2-bedroom apartment with high ceilings located in the centre of St. Petersburg. The owners’ wish was to have a bright airy space, while preserving separate rooms to serve the functions of living room, kitchen, bedroom and a nursery.

What I love most about this apartment – the mix of patterned tiles used in the bathroom area. The patterns combination is bold and interesting, and the pink hue tiles at the wall behind the bathtub just made it look refreshing and pleasing to the eyes…


Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 11.38.36 pm

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 11.39.00 pm



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