A Book Cafe Home in Japan by Eight Design

Another modern Japanese home to share.

This is a 90sqm apartment in Okazaki, designed by Eight Design. With plenty of natural light pouring in, wall full of bookshelves and a large green leafy trees in the living room, the apartment feels just like a book cafe and that you won’t want to leave.

Do you like the clean, tranquil and uncluttered Japanese aesthetic? I found this article in Freshome – 10 Ways to Add Japanese Style to Your Interior Design that sums up pretty well :)

eight design 03

eight design 01

eight design 04

eight design 02

eight design 05

eight design 06

eight design 07

eight design 18

eight design 09

eight design 08

eight design 10

eight design 11

eight design 12

eight design 21

eight design 22

eight design 13

eight design 23

Images via Eight Design’s website and Facebook page


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