A Modern Paris Apartment in Taiwan – by Folk Design 馥閣設計

This apartment of a young couple is designed by one of my favorite design studio in Taiwan, Folk Design.

A combination of materials – natural stone, metal work and wood tiles was used for the TV feature wall. The tone of the wood tiles adds warmth to the space.


The wall between living area and kitchen was demolished and replaced with tinted glass to allow more natural light coming in and yet maintain the cosy and intimate tone of the apartment.


Next to the kitchen is the study area. To create the Paris apartment look, wall moldings is a must.



I love how the simple bronze sconce adds just a touch of glamour to the space.


Wall-to-wall wardrobe in lavender hue – nailed the understated romantic, modern Paris look of this apartment.

I am totally in love…




All images are from Folk Design.


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