| The Shophouse Series | Singapore – 145 Neil Road by Ong & Ong

Neil road 01

This is another conservation shophouse thoughtfully restored and redesigned by Ong & Ong.

While adding new spaces to the building, the designers took great effort to preserve and celebrate the traditional charm of Peranakan shophouses.

There are 2 courtyards in the building. The original courtyard with its original blue paintwork and folklore-inspired fresco forms the heart of the common areas, while a newer courtyard marks the transition from the old shophouse to its new extension.

Neil Road 02

Neil road 03

Neil road 04

Neil road 05

Neil road 06

Neil road 07

Neil road 08

Neil road 09

Neil road 10

Neil Road 11

Neil road 12

Neil road 14

Neil road 15

Neil road 16

Neil road 17

Neil road 18

Neil road 19

Neil road 20

Neil road 21

Neil road 22

Neil road 23

Neil road 24

Neil road 25

Neil Road 25_1

Neil road 26

Neil Road 27

Neil Road 28

Neil Road 29

Neil Road 30

Neil Road 31

Neil Road 32

Neil Road 33

Neil Road 34

Images via Ong & Ong



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