Classic Goes Eclectic Brookyln Brownstone by Homepolish

If you are a design blogs follower, you should’ve heard of Homepolish.

Homepolish is a New York-based company that completely doing away with the traditional interior design model in the US, skipping the commissions and product markups and charge a flat hourly fee. The company’s goal is to make premium design services available to everyone, no matter the budget.

How cool is that? The company works with more than 140 interior designers around the country serving different cities like NYC, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles  etc.

I love looking at the completed projects posted in their website, and this is one of my favourite.

This beautiful 1 bedroom brownstone in Brooklyn is the home of New York Magazine‘s Online Senior Editor Carolyn Murnick.

After spending 8 years in a Williamsburg loft, Carolyn was moving into this classic brownstone and she has called up Homepolish to help her decorate.

And here’s the result after 30 hours of Homepolish time, there was even a fake fireplace included to play up the drama! =)

Homepolish brooklyn 01

Homepolish Brooklyn 01_1

Homepolish brooklyn 01_2

Homepolish brooklyn 01_3

Homepolish brooklyn 02

Homepolish brooklyn 03


Homepolish brooklyn 04

Homepolish brooklyn 05

Homepolish brooklyn 06

Homepolish Brooklyn 07
Homepolish brooklyn 08

Homepolish brooklyn 09

Homepolish brooklyn 10

Homepolish brooklyn 12

Homepolish brooklyn 13

Homepolish brooklyn 14

Homepolish Brooklyn 15

Homepolish Brooklyn 16

Homepolish Brooklyn 17

Homepolish Brooklyn 18


Images via Homepolish



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