Hotel Henriette in Paris | A Chic and Budget Friendly Boutique Hotel

hotel henriette 05

hotel henriette 04

Images via Hotel Henriette | Photograph by Hervé Goluza

I will be going to Paris again in May, and too bad that I’ve only discovered Hotel Henriette (via Remodelista) after booking my accommodation with one of the charmless budget hotel chain.

Paris is an absolutely beautiful but expensive city.

Situated close to the Mouffetard district (metro: Les Gobelins), the rooms at Hotel Henriette appear to be unbelievably affordable (single room starts at €69 per night; double room from €89 per night). It has 32 individually designed bedrooms and they are great examples of how thoughtful paint selections (think mustard layered against pastel) and simple furnishings are often more than enough to infuse charm and character to any space. Everything is très chic here.

Loads of bedroom images ahead, hope you find some ideas for your next bedroom remodelling!

hotel henriette 42 hotel henriette 45 hotel henriette 36 hotel henriette 02

hotel henriette 11 hotel henriette 28

hotel henriette 01hotel henriette 17

hotel henriette 03hotel henriette 04hotel henriette 05 hotel henriette 06 hotel henriette 07hotel henriette 08hotel henriette 23hotel henriette 22hotel henriette 13hotel henriette 14hotel henriette 15hotel henriette 16

hotel henriette 20hotel henriette 24hotel henriette 25hotel henriette 26hotel henriette 27

hotel henriette 31hotel henriette 34hotel henriette 35hotel henriette 32hotel henriette 37hotel henriette 39hotel henriette 50hotel henriette 41hotel henriette 33

Images via Hotel Henriette


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