Stockholm’s Low-key Luxury Apartment in Grey

Wrede, is another Sweedish real estate site in my stalking list for fabulous Scandinavian homes.

This is one of the many beautiful Stockholm apartments listed on the site (anyway, this unit has been sold).  It is a spacious period penthouse apartment of 152 square metres with 4 rooms, now serving as the living room, dining room and 2 bedrooms. I like the use of grey here, and how it maintains a balance of moodiness and lightness in the space. Also, don’t miss out the ceiling colour of the living-dining room and the master bedroom. They are a painted in different shades of teal and dusty pink, adding another layer of surprise.

werde 01 werde 02 werde 03 werde 04 werde 05

werde 06werde 07werde 08werde 09




werde 10werde 11werde 12werde 13werde 14werde 15werde 16werde 17werde 18werde 19werde 20werde 21werde 22werde 24werde 25werde 26werde 27werde 29werde 28

Images via Wrede


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