D Apartment & J Studio by 0932 Design Consultants

Sanctuary – exactly what I feel when perusing the projects of 0932 Design Consultants from their company website. 0932 Design Consultants is an architecture and interior design firm based in Singapore, founded by Mr Low Chee Khiang and Mr Roystern Goh who are architects by training. Their design aesthetics is fairly minimalist, with simple clean lines. The deceptively simple color combinations of white, cool grays and warm neutrals create a space that is calming and stylish at the same time.

D Apartment

D Apartment 1

D Apartment 2

D Apartment 3

D Apartment 7 D Apartment 13 D Apartment 8 D Apartment 9 D Apartment 11 D Apartment 12

 J Studio

J studio 1 J studio 2 J studio 3 J studio 4 J Studio 5 J Studio 6 J Studio 7 With a home like this,  nothing beats the feeling of being home :) All images via 0932 Design Consultants Photos credit (D Apartment): David Chan & Dennis Lim Photos credit (J Studio): Tai Heng


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