Ikea BRÅKIG Collection and Art Event 2015 Street Art Posters

My brother recently gotten the keys to his new apartment, and I was busy helping out with the renovation, shopping for appliances and furniture etc (which also explained for the lack of postings from me for the past month). So we went to Ikea Alexandra last Sunday to pick up some items for his apartment. As we were sitting comfortably on the Kivik sofa, something fresh, graphic and colourful from the opposite corner caught my attention that made me feel so excited! That’s the BRÅKIG collection, a limited-edition collection released by Ikea in 2014, but only hit the shelves of Singapore store recently.

This collection is the result of a collaboration between Ikea and a Danish creative community ArtRebels. It covers a range of items such as day bed, ottoman, clothes rack, tray table, textiles and table ware. If you love coral, mint and all shades of pastel colours; if you always wanted everything from the Danish labels like Hay and Ferm Living but have a small budget like I do, you should really visit Ikea now before all these items got snatched up!

To my surprise, the pastel palette appealed to my brother too and we ended up getting 2 tray tables and some table ware for his new home :)

ikea brakig 01 ikea brakig 03 ikea brakig ikea brakig 05

And do remember to check out the street art posters from the Ikea Art Fest 2015 too!

Again, this is another collaboration between Ikea and 12 street artists from around the world. The posters from this collection has a more edgy vibe compared to your usual Ikea posters. I think they are really a greta and affordable way to add that artsy character to our space!

art fest 2015

art fest 2015_2

Two of my favourites here 


One thought on “Ikea BRÅKIG Collection and Art Event 2015 Street Art Posters

  1. robocco says:

    Awwww, how I envy you that you can buy the Bråkig collection – we totally missed the tray table and weren’t able to find one yet.


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